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Levi Ski Resort has become Finland ‘s first region where the LED street lights had been installed
Оруулсан 2014/02/20 14:23:38 Бичсэн ledlightinchina

Having been strictly tested, Levi Ski Resort located in Kittil has become Finland ‘s first region where the LED street lights had been installed. 3840pcs oval lenses Golden DRAGON LED used by the street lighting system were provided by OSRAM Opto Semiconductors , which had installed in EasyLed Oy ‘s 64 Starium Dragon 60 luminaires , providing people with energy efficient, comfortable and pleasant lighting.

LED road lights    LED road lights

Kittila local municipal government invested heavily in infrastructure and construction needs with a high degree of attention to these characteristics of innovation and sustainable development. Street lighting systems provided by OSRAM Opto Semiconductors exactly coincides with the energy-saving ideas. The lighting system consists of 64 Starium Dragon 60 lamps , each LED street lights are equipped with 60 Golden DRAGON LED with oval lenses , which can provide efficient energy-saving , comfortable and pleasant lighting for residential roads, sidewalks and parking in a variety of weather conditions. These LED street lights are adaptable , their operation will not be affected even at 35 degrees below zero cold weather. This futuristic LED street lights consume only 41 watts of power, not only significantly reduce energy costs for the local government , but also can amortize costs for just four and a half years because of its low maintenance requirements.

These LED street lights can emit natural and soft light with 5600 K color temperature, and provide residents with a comfortable and pleasant lighting. Mika Nummenpalo,director of product development of EasyLed, said: ” Color rendering of this LED street lights is excellent ,they are known as vibration resistance , coupled with the compact LED shape is easy for innovative design of lighting , which makes us impressed .” Lite-Design lighting designer Ari Tiilikainen added, ” flux stability, ideal light distribution , no divergence, and will not cause light pollution , which are key factor contributing to why we choose the installation of LED street lightse,coupled with advanced thermal management techniques , we are able to follow the local government requirements to design a stylish slim lamps. this is also certainly inseparable professional support offered by OSRAM EBV dealers . “

“All of our local government departments only invest future technology .” Kittila Municipal Technology Bureau Jari Kinnunen said , “Starium Dragon 60 LED street lights offers pretty excellent luminous efficiency, which can significantly save energy and help us make an important contribution to our ‘ green environment ‘ . “Browsing http://www.lead-lighting.com/products/bid31-1.htm for more information about LED street lights.

Article from http://www.lighting-ledlight.com/index.php/levi-ski-resort-locatedin-kittil-has-become-finland-s-first-region-wher e-the-led-road-lights-had-been-installed/

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