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TV chef offers wedding catering
Оруулсан 2014/08/22 09:23:13 Бичсэн jennyqueen

TV chef offers wedding catering
 Couples looking for some inventive cuisine at their weddings will now be able to hire the services of celebrity chef Marco Pierre White.The Hell's Kitchen star has joined hands with an exclusive wedding venue in Lancashire to offer catering services costing around  20,000.His business, White Weddings, will open at the West Tower Country House in Aughton in January.The Leeds-born chef said it marked a new chapter in his career, adding: "I've never lost my Northern roots and I can't wait to bring the next generation of events cuisine to the region."            Speaking about the new venture, he said: "Romance is what it's all about in this industry, it's what customers look for, but this is what a lot of modern day venues lack. Romance is the only thing that never dates - so I will invite my guests to step into a truly romantic environment."West Tower general manager, Brian Gamble, stated: "His association has led to us being inundated with booking enquiries, several of those from high profile celebrities who have some very exciting projects in the pipeline."Discuss on the Confetti forumsSome things just can't be prepared for! But keep on top of every detail possible with Confetti's wedding planner folder. Wedding planner folder In need of inspiration for that perfect wedding present? Check out Confetti's romantic gifts - perfect for any happy couple! Perfect wedding gifts Give your day a special touch with personalised wedding confetti. Metallic heart confetti Copyright


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