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Revealing bride' craze on internet
Оруулсан 2014/08/22 11:46:13 Бичсэн jennyqueen

 The latest of wedding disasters to become an internet sensation is a bride wearing a highly revealing wedding dress.Wedinator, a site showcasing wedding photo disasters from around the world, was the first to post the image of an unnamed woman believed to be a Russian.The image of the bride, seen as getting down from a limousine wearing an exposing white dress, has now appeared on several blogs across the web.The top half of the dress has two small, strategically located semicircles over a dramatic bosom.Most blog authors have slammed the costume. A blog post called "The Five Sluttiest Wedding Dresses" states that the dress is "the equivalent of the groom wearing a codpiece".            Many blog critics have considered the choice of a white dress as 'misleading', while others have taken a dig at it with puns, the most common being: "They make a lovely pair".Wedinator has been on the web since February and specialises in images and videos of many catastrophic nuptials.This includes a video of a public proposal gone hideously wrong and CCTV footage apparently revealing a bride cheating with the groom's best man during the reception.Discuss on the Confetti forumsGet tips and advice on choosing the best wedding dress from Confetti. Choosing the perfect dress Getting ready to start planning your big day? Get some help and advice from Confetti on planning your wedding. Tips on planning your wedding If you are planning on shaping up for the big day then follow our tips for success. Complete guide to shaping up Copyright

Source: max-dress.com

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