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McCartney planning third wedding?
Оруулсан 2014/08/25 11:57:17 Бичсэн jennyqueen
McCartney planning third wedding?
 A third wedding is reportedly on the cards for former Beatle Paul McCartney.The 67'year'old musician is thought to have begun secret preparations to celebrate a marriage with US heiress Nancy Shevell, his 48'year'old girlfriend of nearly two years.As part of his plans, The Beatles legend reportedly organised a family meeting in the Caribbean earlier this month to discuss their future with his children.A friend of his told the Daily Express: "Paul and Nancy's relationship is rock solid and there's no mad hurry for a wedding. It is believed that next year has been selected as the most likely time for the big day, but Paul and Nancy hope to keep it under wraps."It's almost certainly going to be done very discreetly over in the US and Paul would ideally like to do it without any publicity beforehand, but whether he could pull that off is another matter.             Friends reveal that Paul's second wife, charity campaigner Heather Mills, has been told of his plans to tie the knot.New York 'based Nancy is a businesswoman of high standing and serves as vice president of administration at her father's company New England Motor Freight.Discuss on the Confetti forumsGetting ready to start planning your big day? Get some help and advice from Confetti on planning your wedding. Tips on planning your wedding Found the one to marry but struggling to set the date? See Confetti's advice on when the wedding should be. Setting a date If you are planning on jetting off somewhere exotic for your wedding, get advice from Confetti on marrying abroad. 

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