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Alloy Steel Forgings
Оруулсан 2014/09/22 12:25:10 Бичсэн sanny111
Alloy Steel Forgings One made from a steel containing additional alloying elements other than carbon to enhance physical and mechanical properties and/or heat-treat response.
We maintain the library of all the major International & National Standards required & applicable to our products.The library is continuously updated and the new standards are added as & when required.

The Company also offers advanced Alloy Steel Forgings at most competitive rates. It has highly sophisticated and technologically advanced CNC Machining facilities to carry out simple to complex machining that are dimensionally accurate thus ensuring flawless audit inspection and quality control. The machine shop is equipped with latest CNC turning and milling machines, thread rolling, copy turning, grinding, drilling and tapping machines, and other allied machinery that incorporate a wide variety of innovative capabilities and considerable reduction of in-process time for machining of work pieces through high speed and high performance machining.

Alloy Steel Forgings has an independent Quality Assurance Department whose responsibility is overall quality assurance at various & all levels of production. The department is preparing all Quality Assurance Plans, issue directions, prepares gauges and maintains the data as required by the product. The department is independent department and in additional to the quality control levels at various production stages by the production people. The department also stores all the necessary national & International Standards for reference & records.

Combining in-depth industry knowledge and production expertise with a unwavering dedication to impart quality service, we provide high performance forged components & effective forging solutions for tackling the challenges our customers face in their areas of operation.

We offers technically superior quality steel forging and stainless steel forging both in rough and machined conditions. Having its forge shop equipped with branded friction drop hammers, screw forging presses and modern tool room equipped with latest EDM Machines, Vertical Machining Centers, CNC Turning Centers and other allied machinery like Conventional Milling Machines, Turning Machines, Slotting Machines, Plano Millers, Grinding Machines etc. facilitates manufacture of closed die forging "Weighing from 500 gms to 35 Kg and Upset forging with a maximum shaft dia of 100 mm….."

We are India based manufacturer and exporter of Closed die forging, Upset forging [ drop forging / Hot forging ] in carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel. We manufacture quality drop forging components [hot forging] & Upset forging components as per your specification and samples. Our main product line includes closed die forging and upset forging for container lashing, automobile, Conveyor and Transmission, Material Handling etc. We manufacture quality forging including chain links, gears, tines, shafts, connecting rods, turnbuckles, lashing bars, lashing rods, hooks, rings, foundations, stacking cones, forged auto engine parts, agricultural implements, flanges and pipe fittings, earth mover parts etc.

We also supply customized forging as per buyer's drawings / samples. We can manufacture parts from 500 grams to 35 kilograms. Moreover a well equipped advanced forge shop, die shop, metal testing laboratory, Cutting & Shear shop, an efficient heat treatment facility with machine shop, ensures fast delivery of your part and also making us a one-stop source for all your forging needs.
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