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Non-Corrosive Pipe Plugs
Оруулсан 2014/09/25 15:17:26 Бичсэн sanny111
(Photo by:aluminum plate)
In order to protect exposed pipe and tube ends from dust, dirt, corrosion, rust and damage during storage, transportation and handling, they can be covered with pipe plugs or end plugs. These plugs also protect the inner threads of the pipe so that there are no scratches, cracks or damage to the threads which will render the pipe ineffective. Pipe plugs also help to give a good finish to an exposed or open pipe end so that dust and dirt don't enter the interiors of the pipe or tube. They also prevent injury to people who may accidentally brush past them.
There are several materials which are used to manufacture pipe plugs. All metals which are non-corrosive, rust-resistant and moisture proof are suitable, such as stainless steel, aluminum and certain alloys. In other cases, they may be coated with compounds or other metals. Rubber and rubber compounds, silicone, nylon, plastics and plastic compounds are other materials that are commonly used.In terms of design, there are hundreds of variations available and these fulfill certain specific requirements. Colors, textures and finishes are other options available.

Barrel: This design has convex sides to ensure a perfect fit and it is used in most applications as a general purpose pipe plug. The design makes it easy to fit and remove without the use of any special tools. When made in nylon or plastics, they can be used in many applications where aggressive liquids, acids, gases or solvents may be sealed off.
Bevel edge: These pipe plugs are designed to keep the plug firmly in place during shipping and handling. They may be purchased in combination with sealing gaskets or bevel protector devices.

Ribbed: pipe plugs are tapered with ribbed edges which allows them to be used on pipes of different thicknesses. They have been specially found useful in applications where copper tubes have to be plugged.

Push-fit, Pull-off: These plugs are very easy to fit and remove and if they are provided with additional features like metal inserts and pull-tabs, they can become tamper-proof and tamper-evident.

Sealing pipe plugs: Are fitted with a thin gasket to ensure better grip and sealing.

Blanking plugs: are used to merely close off an open pipe end. They can be designed aesthetically to give a decorative finish.

Threaded: This design is ideal for heavy duty application, strenuous shipment and handling conditions and also for long storage times. They protect against all contaminants, moisture and other atmospheric pollutants. They may have a knob or knurled head for easy fitting and removal.
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