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Гарсан огноо: Tue, 1 Sep 2009
Цомгийн танилцуулга

Electronic dance music authors and deejays release not only compilation mixed albums but also
studio artist albums. In 2007 Odonbat's very first production had gone out and succeeded plus
supported by the world's top DJs which made a big enthusiastic start for him. After long hard work by
the time of september 2009 his first studio album called "Miracle" has become ready to be sold. He
made multilaterial 14 tracks for his album that all can make you feel the massive styles of Trance
music. Album starts up with deep and atmospheric progressive tracks such as Rising, Tokyo Night,
Daybreak and continues with Vocal Tracks called Something, Color which collabirated with vocalist
Aida Fenhel. Other special tracks like Avatar, Ray, Black Snow keep the very uplifting and techlifing
style and closes with legendary arpful uplifting track Shattered Skies. All i see from this album are
the great zeal of his solo work, unshakable courage that make not only me to appreciate but also my
friends and worldwide Trance music lovers and we want to Thank Odonbat sincerely for this great
artsit album.
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