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Хөгжмийн зохиолч / Продюсер: Odonbat

Release Date 2010-03-29
Label Arisa Audio
Catalog # HBR015

Mongolian producer Odonbat comes along with a 2-track EP which we summon Paul Allen and Adriz on the remix duties. Daybreak is a great example of how progressive trance should be done. Vocal chops, melody, a wicked electro-influenced bassline, all necessary elements required in a prog-trancer. Paul Allen takes responsibility for making this already big track into a complete floorfiller with his unique sound. A bangin, tech-driven prog belter! On the other hand, Ray is rather different. A tech driven uplifting bomb with a bit of the Simon Patterson aura. This one is seriously dangerous and is shall be resulting in mass destruction wherever its being spun at. Adriz accepted our request in order to make this tech orientated record into a melodic uplifter for the ones who are after the more pure trance sounds!
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